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Sale-PageSig Sauer P220 SAS

45 cal. plus 200 rounds of factory ammunition.

It is in excellent condition, showing slight holster wear marks
on the front right side of the slide.

It comes in the original box complete with the owners manual.

The former owner was a police officer who carried it as his service firearm.

$750 for the whole package.

John Mullen

Expires: 81 days to go.

7.62X39mm ammo and 7.62X54R ammo

Romanian manufactured, steel cased non corrosive.
30 cents a round, your choice. Sealed spam cans available.
640 rounds in 7.62X39mm or 440 rounds in 7.62X54R per sealed can.
Available in 20 round packages too. Buy what you need. 7.62X39mm are 123 gr FMJBT bullets. 7.62X54R are in 150 gr FMJBT or 180 gr FMJBT (heavy ball). Located in Prescott Valley.

Steven Pearson
928 830 1899

Expires: 79 days to go.


Sale-PageHowa 1500 Varminter

Howa 1500 Varminter - 308 Winchester, 24 inch Heavy barrel with 1/10 twist. Howa Hogue Rubber stock in Olive Drab green w/pebble texture is comfortable to touch/hold in cold weather. Aluminum pillars. 3 position safety. Timney Trigger. Cheek riser. Included will be about 100-150 reloads...about half will be 155 grain Sierra Matchking with Norma brass and other half will be 155 Nosler Custom Competition with Federal Gold Medal Match brass. Ammo of this quality is worth at least $150-$200. Rifle and ammo package: $500.00 firm.
(Scope and Bipod not included.)

Bushnell Elite 6500 rifle scope: 2.5-16x50. Made in Japan. Second focal plane with Fine Duplex reticle. This was Bushnell's top of the line scope several years ago. Very versitle...have used it for deer hunting and Benchrest F-Class 100 yard comps. $300.00 firm.

Bob Arroyo
(512) 913-5298

Expires: 73 days to go.

Ruger SR1911

9mm, 4.25 barrel
two 9rd mags
model 6722
Brand new never fired
Life time warranty Davidson's

$ 750.00

Scott Morse
(602) 290-4502

Expires: 66 days to go.



Leupold vx 2 6-18 40mm AO W/Target Dot Retcile #57100

$ 450.00

Ed Serich
928 277-6113

Expires: 61 days to go.

7’X11” Wedge Tent.

Opens on both ends so you can raise one side of the tent completely.
Panther Primitives Tent, 13 oz Sunforger with flame retardant.
Set up package, 2 extra poles.
New= $756 (without shipping)
Lightly used, Asking= $600
(Note- I am severly disabled and can not set this up for you to look at. More than happy to let you unfold it and try to set it up before you buy.)

Steven Harness
(928) 515-1695

Expires: 57 days to go.


Sale-PageRossi, “Model R92”

Rossi, “Model R92”, .357mag,
10rds New= $747 msrp
Original owner, Few hundred rounds fired,

Asking= $600

Steven Harness
(928) 515-1695

Expires: 57 days to go.


Cimarron “1872 Open Top Navy”
.44 Colt/Russ/Spl,
7.5”New = $547 msrp
I got it used, bore looks good, shoots fine,

Asking= $425

Steven Harness
(928) 515-1695

Expires: 57 days to go.


Sale-PageKimber SS Ultra Carry

Kimber original series SS Ultra Carry in 45ACP. This is one of the Kimber Ultra Carrys without the internal safety of the Series II guns. No possible interaction with the trigger pull. These have long been out of production to please the lawyers. Original Case; three magazines (one 6 round and two 7 round); Crimson Trace Laser grips (original grips included). Smith and Alexander arched mainspring housing and original straight mainspring housing. Two leather holsters, both right hand, one by Fist, that is a combination crossdraw and driving holster, and one by DelFatti, a strong side FBI rake black holster of the highest quality.


Neil Hoyles
928 420-0973

Expires: 56 days to go.

Reloading Supplies

Misc Powders - Sealed and unopened

Brass - once fired/cleaned

Brass New .223/5.56 Unprimed

Contact me for specific details

Reply via e-mail or text only. Please no phone calls.

Murphy, Mike

Expires: 51 days to go.


Sale-PageRWS Model 45

Spring Air Rifle, .177 cal
~700-800 fps (not measured)
Mfg: Jan, 1985 West Germany (no Diana marking)
Iron sights included (loose)
BSA 3x9x40 Air Rifle scope,
RWS heavy duty mount

$175 without scope and mount

Jim McCrank

Expires: 44 days to go.

Belgian Browning SA-22

Probably one of the most beautiful rifles ever made:
“A graceful little Ballerina.”.
Perfectly balanced,
a joy to shoot or to look at.

Good condition,
with full length hard case and original box (in poor shape).


Neil Hoyles

Expires: 36 days to go.


Sale-PageCED M2 chronograph


Extra set of sensors, sky screens,
tripod mount Instruction manual and software

Brent Callen
(928) 202-9304

Expires: 8 days to go.

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