Greetings: -- Welcome to the Prescott Action Shooters (Prescott Arizona)
IDPA - ICORE - SAS/CAS - USPSA - Steel Challenge - Rifle & Pistol Silhouette
Prescott Action Shooters is dedicated to the safe and proficient handling of firearms
for people who want to improve their skills through competitive shooting.
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CURRENT RANGE STATUS: The Measured Pistol Bay is open, the Rifle Bay will be open on
Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to noon until further notice with fire restrictions still in place.

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Match director for this match is Tom King.
Assistant Match director for this match is Mike Miller.

The Thursday Paper match is a club sponsored action pistol and pistol caliber carbine
match. The match utilizes paper and steel targets. The format is fashioned after
USPSA. This match is an opportunity for beginning competitive shooters to learn about
the discipline and others to practice for other matches. Enjoying our club shooting and
above all being safe at all times is our goal.

More information about the match can be obtained by contacting the match directors.
Always check the YRL website front page for announcements.
The calendar will have match dates and times posted each month.

Match fees: Non-Members $10, Members $6, Heritage $3
Juniors (17 and under) shoot for free.

Sheriff Dept. --- Law enforcement officers who come in duty gear:
shoot for either half the member price or half the non-member price.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether there is a match—you can call the YRL phone – (928) 778-0155.
If the match has to be cancelled for any reason there will be a recorded message.
If there is no message—then match is on.

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