Match Etiquette

With an increase in club membership, the board felt it may be informative for new and old club
members to list some preferred behaviors for matches.

As we strive to make the range a family friendly environment, while anywhere on the range, please
use restraint in the use of colorful language.

Shooters’ Meeting prior to the match: Please be present and on time. Also, please be quiet so the
match director does not have to talk above side conversations. The Match Directors do not get paid
and put forth a lot of effort to put these matches on for the competitors to enjoy. Being quiet and
attentive during these is the best way to show them respect for their efforts.

While your squad is shooting a stage, it is expected that everybody on the squad helps with
resetting the stage. Taping, picking up brass and other chores as necessary to ensure a quick stage
reset really helps the matches flow smoother. Exceptions to this are the on-deck shooter, the
current shooter and the shooter that just completed the stage.

When advancing to the next stage/bay during a match, if the stage is still being shot by the squad
ahead of yours, please do not crowd into the shelter area and drop your equipment among the other
squads’ stuff. This leads to confusion and will actually slow down the transition into the stage.
Also, please be mindful of the noise level as the current shooter usually appreciates quiet so they
can focus on shooting the stage to the best of their ability. Please refrain from walking the stage
until the previous squad has cleared the stage. It’s best to just stay back and out of the way until
the previous squad moves on.

At the end of the match, it really helps when everybody helps to tear down. What to tear down is
covered in the Shooters’ Meeting.

Tobacco users:
Smokers; During fire restrictions, the only smoking is in your vehicle. When not in fire
restrictions, please be mindful of wind direction and go down wind of people.
Smokeless users: Please do not spit juice or the wad in a traveled area. No one wants to look at
that or step in it.

Thank you for your cooperation
Prescott Action Shooters
Board of Directors

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