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Prescott Action Shooters is dedicated to the safe and proficient handling of firearms
for people who want to improve their skills through competitive shooting.
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The Range is open to regular club shooting.
Be sure to check the club calendar for possible conflicts before driving to the range.

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1st Saturday USPSA Match

Link to Online Registration can be found on the FrontPage

Please check the calendar for times and dates for this event.

All Match Fees are as follows:

Non-member: $15 1st gun entire match.

Member: $10 for entire match.

All Juniors shoot for free at PAS.

All Law Enforcement in DUTY GEAR shoot for $5.00/$8.00 Member/Non-Member.

Reshooting the classifier with the same gun or different will be $3.00 per reshoot for everyone.

Reshooting the entire match with the same gun or different will be $5.00 for everyone.

A typical USPSA match will consist of 4 to 6 stages including a USPSA classifier stage. Round counts are usually between 110 to 150 rounds. We recommend 200 rounds as a good amount to bring out with you.

If you are brand new to competition shooting, click the link here for a great video on what USPSA shooting is all about.

Our club is full of people happy to help new shooters come into our sport. Please e-mail me at Frank Barbaro if you would like more information or want to set up a time to come out and experience a USPSA match for yourself.

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