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Items for sale or trade? Contact the Webmaster (Robert)
via the link at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Items will be left up for 90 days and then removed (or when I get around to it) unless otherwise specified.


.22 LR ammo for Sale.

Neighbor sold his .22 and no longer needs this ammo.

Your choice...$7.50 per hundred rounds OBO.

Call Bob Arroyo at 928-772-0668 or cell:512-913-5298.

Posted: 2018-09-16


Sale-Page Colt Gold Cup

Colt National Match Gold Cup Series 70, 45ACP, 5" barrel, Blue Finish.

Condition:New Other (Bought a year ago for $1250+Tax&fees and fired 50 rounds through it.

Has been in storage ever since.) Comes in Colt box with 2 mags, owners manual,extra recoil spring for bullseye loads and bushing wrench.

No scratches or signs of wear anywhere..even the Colt box looks perfect. $950. Additional info/photos upon request.

Call Bob Arroyo at 928-772-0668 or cell: 512-913-5298.

Posted: 2018-09-16

.45 GAP

I SCREWED UP and bought .45 G.A.P
Great SD ammo Federal premium HST
Trade for whatever.
Dan Cox -

Posted: 2018-09-08


Sale-Page Thompson Center Muzzleloader

54 cal
Jim McCrank -

Posted: 2018-08-20

Bench Rest Rifle

30BR: RH bolt, LH Stock
Case included - $500
Jim McCrank -

Posted: 2018-08-20


Sale-Page Shotgun

Beretta 12 ga single
Jim McCrank -

Posted: 2018-08-20

Ruger 10/22

Stainless Steel: Hornet Enterprises target trigger,
2# trigger weight: Archangel target stock:
1 10rd rotary magazine,
1 Ramline banana magazine:
BSA Sweet 22 3x9AO scope: $525,
$475 w/o scope and rings
Jim McCrank -

Posted: 2018-08-20


Sale-Page PACT Precision Chronograph

Model 1
Jim McCrank -

Posted: 2018-08-20

Rifle Case

14”x52” aluminum,
heavy duty,
Jim McCrank -

Posted: 2018-08-20


Lyman Turbo Twin tumbler

Lyman Turbo Twin tumbler with large and small bins. $65.00
One tube of Dillon Rapid Polish Case enhancer 2.00
Two Three Pound coffee cans of polishing media 2.00 per can

450 .38 caliber (.358 dia.) lead bullets manufactured by Missouri Bullet Co. $20.00

Brian Potter Cell 928 515-9784
Home 928 776-1672

Posted: 2018-08-11


Assorted 20 gauge ammunition:
2x 25 round boxes Federal Heavy Field Loads, 7 1/2 shot.
4x 25 round boxes Federal Game Loads, 7 1/2 shot.
3x 5 round boxes Remington #3 buckshot
2x 5 round boxes Federal Power Shok rifled slugs
3x 5 round boxes Winchester #3 buckshot

190 rounds total, approximate commercial value $90.
Asking $60 for the lot.

Dave Jaffe
Cell phone: 818-426-9060 Leave a message.

Posted: 2018-07-17

Sale-Page Ruger Mini 30 Tactical

Ruger Mini 30 Tactical (7.62x39)image1.JPG Accuracy Systems Best trigger; Tru Glo two color reflex sight;
removable cheek riser; narrow after market handguard;
one five round and three twenty round magazines; nylon case.
Neil Hoyles
928 420 0973

Posted: 2018-05-30

Springfield Armory XDM
I have a Springfield Armory XDM Bi-tone in 40 SW.
It's the 4.25 model with an extended mag release and a 3 lb. trigger by Powder River.
This gun is set up for a 135 PF which is ideal for Production or Carry Optics, shoots like a powder puff with probably less recoil then a 9mm.
Comes with a Blade Tech DOH holster, 8 19 round mags for 19 + 1 in the tube plus 1000 rds. of case checked ammo loaded to a 135 PF, plus a range bag.
Mags alone have $280 worth of base plates.
Inexpensive way to get into CO or Production.
My guns always run and this one is no exception.
$700 OBO

Pete Connal

Posted: 2018-05-15

Modified: 2018-07-07

Sale-Page   Sale-Page
COLT .308 Win ammo
Barnaul Russian made. Bimetal Zinc plated steel case.
4 boxes of 20...80 total.

*** REDUCED TO $25.00 for 4 boxes ***
Bob Arroyo

Posted: 2018-05-06

Dillon 450 reloading press
Includes: Powder reservoir, small and large powder bars, small and large primer heads, manual. $40
Dillon Shell plates
Dillon 450/550 45ACP shell plate , pins, powder die & funnel. $30
Dillon 450/550 223/7TCU shell plate, pins, & powder funnel. $25
Lyman 45ACP TC sizer and seater, $25
45ACP Brass
4 coffee cans, ~400-500 pcs/can. 3 are all commercial brass. $20 each or all for $70
45ACP bullets
Bear Creek 200gr SWC cast. ~500+ pcs. $40
Jim McCrank: 775-3668

Posted: 2018-05-02

RL550B Press (used for approximately 6,000 rounds)
All basic included accessories (tool head, powder die, powder measure)

PLUS: Spare Parts Kit, Strong Mount, Aluminum Bullet Tray, Toolholder w/Wrench Set
Cartridge Case Bin & Bracket, Dillon .40SW/10mm Carbide Pistol Dies
RL550 Caliber Conversion Kit for 9mm (DIES NOT INCLUDED)
RL550 Deluxe Quick Change Assembly (powder measure, powder die,
tool head, tool head stand), Additional tool head stand

PLEASE NOTE: Picture is from Dillon Website, but shows all accessories included EXCEPT dies and Cartridge Case Bin & Bracket.

New and shipped from Dillon with sales tax, this package costs over $1000.

Selling entire package for $750 FIRM. CASH ONLY.

Sorry, but I won’t sell individual parts of this package.
Selling to upgrade to XL650, and this machine will be
available for pickup when the new machine is set up and running
(approximately first week of February, 2018).

I’d be happy to show you the set up and teach you the process if you’re new to reloading.

Located in Prescott near White Spar and Copper Basin Rd.

Please contact Glenn Calvin at 818-512-5666 or

Posted: 2018-01-26

Posted Update: 2018-06-28

New 9MM Pistol Caliber Carbine

This is custom built here in Prescott on a billet lower. It has a 3 pound trigger, 16" lightweight premium barrel with lightweight free float slim handguard. Upgraded stock and grip and hi quality parts. These use inexpensive Glock 9MM magazines. This rifle is $940

I can custom build anything you want and have rifles available from $840.

Frank Barbaro

Sport Shooters Supply LLC FFL 07/02 manufacturer


Posted: 01/08/2017

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