Greetings: -- Welcome to the Prescott Action Shooters (Prescott Arizona)
IDPA - ICORE - SAS/CAS - USPSA - Steel Challenge - Rifle & Pistol Silhouette
Prescott Action Shooters is dedicated to the safe and proficient handling of firearms
for people who want to improve their skills through competitive shooting.
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Prescott Action Shooters
Presents the
11th Annual Northern Arizona Classic

Registration Is Open

Welcome to the 2018 Northern Arizona Classic webpage.

Stages are shown below (This may take a minute to load):

alt : Stage_1.pdf
alt : Stage_2.pdf
alt : Stage_3.pdf
alt : Stage_4.pdf
alt : Stage_5.pdf
alt : Stage_6.pdf
alt : Stage_7.pdf
alt : Stage_8.pdf
alt : Stage_9.pdf
alt : Stage_10.pdf
alt : Stage_11.pdf
alt : Stage_12.pdf

Practiscore information is posted here.

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