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Subjectivity Is Not An Option

Let me start by saying I know this isn’t going to be a popular article, but it’s something I really wanted to write about. I’ve prepared for the comments that are sure to follow, so let’s get started. In past articles I’ve talked briefly about match DQ’s, but I’d like to dive further into the subject of DQ’s, specifically about safety violations at Level 1 matches. Safety should be everyone’s first priority. It’s everyone’s responsibility to be sure the safety rules are enforced. I know our USPSA safety rules are strict. Stricter than most disciplines. But there’s a reason. A few of them, actually.

First, this is a hobby sport for a large portion of the membership. People come out to have a good time. That’s difficult if they feel like their head has to be on a swivel in order to avoid danger. Second, having clearly defined rules levels the playing field. If everyone operates under the same rule set, the competition is fair and skills can be measured and compared. Lastly, guns are a politically charged topic and we should do whatever we can to avoid putting our sport in disrepute.

There are two typical ways safety infractions are handled improperly. One is that people RO-ing stages don’t have the ability to make safety calls. They don’t understand the rules or how to apply them. The second is the inclination to cut a guy a break and dismiss a “minor” infraction.

As a shooter, I don’t enjoy being on a stage with someone who has a cavalier attitude towards safety. We have gear rules in place to be sure our firearms are secure. We have clear and concise range commands so it’s easy for everyone on the range to understand what’s happening at any given moment. We have muzzle direction limitations, trigger finger discipline rules, and ammo restrictions among others. All in place to keep the participants safe. Someone who disregards those rules because they can’t be bothered to learn them or refuses to enforce them to avoid disappointing their friends is not someone with whom I want to shoot. Learn the rules. It will benefit you as a competitor. With time, you’ll be able to apply them to your match. You’ll design better stage plans when you know what actions are prohibited, and where the boundaries of freestyle competition lie. As a bonus, you’ll be better prepared to RO other shooters and lend your club the hand it needs.

There are those who know the rules but have trouble enforcing them. I get it. It can be hard to DQ a friend. But if your friend is really a friend, they probably know they did it, and will accept the call as the right one. It’s your job to call “STOP” when you see a reason to. Don’t be afraid to say it. The worst that could happen is that you call “STOP”, unload and show clear your shooter, and discuss it with the secondary RO on the stage. If the call was wrong, or you’re not 100% sure, tie goes to the shooter they get a reshoot. Everyone is still safe.

But if you’re right, you’ve just done right by yourself, right by the shooter, and right by everyone else on the stage. Yes, it’s a bummer that the shooter is done for the day. Yes, it’s a hard pill to swallow. But one mistake doesn’t make them a bad person, and they’ll live to shoot another day. As competitors we must face the consequences of our actions. My grandfather used to tell me, “The consequences of an act affect the probability of it happening again” and it’s as true today as it was back then.

The full article is continuted here.


• A new mailbox with a sign-in book has been installed at the rifle and pistol practice bays, next to the range flag. Please use this sign-in book and range flag when using these bays.
• All members may use practice bays at any time. You may also use these areas on match days during regularly scheduled matches. Please, as always sign in and obey all range rules.
• Please check the club calendar for range maintenance or events that require the practice area to be closed.
• There is no restriction on the time of day you may use the range.
• The speed limit on the dirt road to our facility is 15 MPH. It's one lane in and out.
• No incendiary, tracer or explosive ammunition allowed at any time.
• Be sure to lock the gate after passing through on non-event days to make sure the range is secure even if you or someone else is there.
• ATV's are not allowed on the range without the express permission from the Range Master.
• PractiScore electronic scoring tutorial video at
• Range Safety is Everyone's Job. See the video here
• Thanks to Dave Bankhead, here is how to use the Nook with Practiscore. How to use the Nook
• The upper parking lot behind the rifle bay is not to be used as a shooting point.
• There will be no placing of additional or personal steel targets on the hillside behind the rifle bay.

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