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Posted by Julianna Crowder


There are pros and cons of competitive shooting sports as they relate to defensive firearms training. The bottom line is that competitive shooting sports will not replace self-defense training. Even though shooting matches can mimic real-life scenarios, time on the shot timer it is not real life and paper targets are not shooting back. However, even in this controlled environment, competitive shooting remains one of the most effective ways to hone your gun handling and marksmanship skills. In order to be effective in a defensive situation involving your firearm, you must be proficient in these six fundamental concepts that are strengthened by participation in competitive shooting sports.

Safe Gun Handling

Competitive shooting sports promote and enforce safety procedures and respectful range etiquette. Because only one person at a time is allowed to handle a loaded firearm under the direction supervision of a range officer (RO) there is a great deal of control over the situation. If any safety infraction happens, the RO is there to immediately stop and correct the action. In fact, if you violate any of the four core safety rules, you will be disqualified (DQ’d) for the day. It can be pretty embarrassing to DQ for a safety violation. You learn quickly to not make those mistakes again and your community of shooters will hold you accountable.

Knowledge of Your Gun and Gear

If you are not “one with” your gun, holster, and mag pouches, you will be after a few matches! During a competitive shooting match you are working under stress and you will see how well your gun and gear perform for you. Most people don’t carry the same gun for self-defense as use for competition, but it is common to carry a subcompact version, which you can use to establish a baseline. Even if you carry something completely different, you will be more aware of your holster and your body placement, and have a higher awareness in general.

Speed and Accuracy

Accuracy matters most. Never compromise your speed for accuracy. If you are not able to hit what you shoot at, you will always lose a gunfight or points down in a match. There are two things that should be done fast in a gunfight/match: drawing and reloading. Shooting competitively will give you experience and knowledge of when to shoot fast with a flash sight picture and trigger slap, and when to slow it down for a perfect sight picture and smooth trigger press. Distance, target presentation, and personal skills are all are tested during a match. You will know your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can manage your risks in a defensive situation when distance, target presentation, and personal skills are called upon.

Moving and Cover

Gunfights are not duels. Survival depends on your ability to move efficiently from the threat and take hard cover to protect yourself. IDPA requires you to think about movement and how to use cover while engaging targets, while USPSA is more on the stand and deliver movement and working around sneaky vision barriers at times. Even 3-Gun matches make you think about how to be efficient while moving from position to position while reloading or switching guns. In matches you will see mesh or solid walls to simulate cover, and it is important to remember that walls, unless heavily reinforced with concrete or steel, are not sufficient cover for a self-defense situation.

Mindset and Decision Making

Mindset for self-defense is very different than for competition. The advantage of competitive shooting sports requires a “winner’s mindset” and ability to make decisions in the moment as an athlete. You have an opportunity to formulate a good plan, practice the plan, execute the plan, and then learn from the outcome. In self-defense situations, there is not usually time to form a plan and decisions are made very quickly. Having a proper mindset ahead of time of what you will or will not do morally, legally, or based on your skills will aid in the decision-making process.

Trigger Time

All of these concepts are important for competition and self-defense. There are differences in the execution of shooting skills for defensive vs sport, but with the right understanding of how you apply the concepts, trigger time is trigger time — and time well spent!


• A new mailbox with a sign-in book has been installed at the rifle and pistol practice bays, next to the range flag. Please use this sign-in book and range flag when using these bays.
• All members may use practice bays at any time. You may also use these areas on match days during regularly scheduled matches. Please, as always sign in and obey all range rules.
• Please check the club calendar for range maintenance or events that require the practice area to be closed.
• There is no restriction on the time of day you may use the range.
• The speed limit on the dirt road to our facility is 15 MPH. It's one lane in and out.
• No incendiary, tracer, steel core bullets, or explosive ammunition allowed at any time.
• No ammunition with magnet attracting projectiles (bullet) allowed at any time.
• Be sure to lock the gate after passing through on non-event days to make sure the range is secure even if you or someone else is there.
• ATV's are not allowed on the range without the express permission from the Range Master.
• PractiScore electronic scoring tutorial video at
• Range Safety is Everyone's Job. See the video here
• The upper parking lot behind the rifle bay is not to be used as a shooting point.
• There will be no placing of additional or personal steel targets on the hillside behind the rifle bay.
• Pistol Caliber Carbine Best Practices PDF Downloaded from here.

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